Lift Tech

  • LIFT TECH has been designed for loading sheets to machines automatically.
  • Machine operates at high efficiency and increases capacity of production with LIFT TECH.
  • LIFT TECH create lower costs by increasing productivity with a connected system from stock to machine.
  • The  LIFT – TECH  loading ECO-S LINE 1530, NF PRO 315.
  • We use special designed reducer and motor to increase the quality of machine usage.
  • Positioning is provided by servo-motors.
  • We use high quality pads Germany Schmalz brand which has double suction for vacuuming.
  • Dry-type vacuum pump is used with 25 m3 / h capacity

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For NUKON machines ECO 1530 – NF PRO 315-REX-VENTO
Max lifting capacity 1984.16 lbs
Max lifting height 47.2″
Max sheet size 59″ x 118.1″
Min sheet thickness 0.01″
Carrying surface of load Plain, soft burr
Loads moving Horizontal
Quantity of vacuum ø 210 / 8 (pieces)
Max lifting speed 65.6′ /(min)
Max angle of rotation 180 °
Total machine power 4.25 kW
Approximately weight 6613.8 lbs