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VENTO Fiber Laser Cutting Description

Fiber laser technology opened a new page in the sheet metal processing industry.

Nukon Fiber Laser is manufactured to meet the expactations of a fast pace changing production sphere.

This machine is constructed according to the versatile design of Nukon’s engineers.

  •  The machine can be produced in the following working sheet size options: 5′ х 10′ / 60″ х 120″
  • The fiber laser resonator has a modul structure (For example, after a certain time in which you have been using a 1kW resonator you can decide to change it to 2kW and you just have to add new modules.)
  • The laser beam is transmitted to the cutting head via a fiber optic cable, without losses. By this means, you can get an excellent cutting quality and accuracy.
  • Easy to use, operator-friendly cutting head control.
  • It is user and environmentally-friendly with its low energy consumption. For instance, the total energy consumption for 2kW laser is 20kW.
  • Mechanically robust and rigid main body
  • Conveyer system for discharging slags and materials
  • Auto dual pallette exchange hyudraulic shuttle table system
  • System to illuminate the work area is part of the standard equipment
  • It has ISO-9001 TSE and CE quality documents.
  • Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper and Brass material cutting is possible

Cutting head

The  cutting head achieves best results in 2D cutting. It is a cutting head especially developed for fiber lasers. It provides cutting edges with defined quality.

For operators of cutting machines, productivity is an important factor for success. The  cutting head fulfills this requirement completely since it can cut metal sheets of different thickness without manual intervention. This is made possible by the special optics of the  cutting head which allows automatic control of focus position and focus diameter (from .002″ up to .005″) by the CNC control unit. In combination with quick focus movements on the work piece, this enables efficient flat-bed cutting and a maximum of productivity. The cutting head is provided with 2 protective glasses, one in front of the cutting lens and one in front of the collimator lens.

Thanks to this structure, the protective glass is brought to a higher position (6.4″) so that the lifespan is significantly extended (up to 3 times). Furthermore, the  cutting head ensures a high cutting quality. The optics have been designed so that the laser induced focus shift is minimized and the reproduction quality is diffraction-limited

The nozzle can be easily adjusted manually in X and Y direction using lockable precision screws

Larger internal gas flow channels ensure a more stable vertical gas flow and thus a higher cutting speed and cutting quality.

Thanks to its modular design, can be ordered different configuration according to specific needs and requirements.

  • Manual focus adjustment
  • Automatic focus adjustment through “Z – collimator module”
  • Automatic adjustment of the focus and depth of the laser beam by “MZ – collimator module”
  • Sensor contamination of lens
  • Focus adjustment position


Fiber laser – the big innovation of today’s technology, with exceptional reliability and high beam quality, has many advantages:

  • High output power
  • High quality of laser beam
  • Less focus larger working distance
  • Over  30% coefficient of efficiency
  • Modular design  „connect and start“
  • Compact, solid and easy to install
  • Low operation costs
  • Flexible and durable fiber optic cable
  • High electrical efficiency
  • Lifespan of the diodes over 100,000 hours
  • Low requirements for cooling

CAD/CAM programming system options

Nukon Fiber Laser using software Radprofile Cut Cad / Cam with its own post processor.
For ease of cutting has many features like auto nesting and machining, calculating the time, micro-joint, total cut and more.
All data for cutting installed in the technological Radan charts. This program is designed for nesting and machining and is installed directly on the CNC, without any adjustment of the cutting parameters.
Radan has some additional features, if it is unable to cut a hole smaller than
(0.019″ by the thickness of the material), it will be marked automatically.
Radan is a fast, modern programming application designed to assist in transferring data from CAD to NC code.

Easy programming

  1. Preparing a normal cutting
  2. Cutting with pre-piercing
  3. Sheet metal clearances
  4. Clearances between parts
  5. Preparing common cut
  6. Edit cutting speeds
  7. Adding new material to the list
  8. Using remnant option(saving excess parts of the sheet)
  9. Marking
  10. Giving radius at the corners
  11. Modifying corners as 90 degrees
  12. Defining cutting technology  (cut1, cut2)
  13. Giving micro joint for nested parts
  14. Changing the length of the entrance properties
  15. Preporting writings with marking property
  16. Change cutting direction
  17. Scaling dimension
  18. Combining the intermittent lines
  19. Film burning for covered stainless steel
  20. Cut 1 , Cut 2 , Cut 3 ,Cut 4 Ve Small Hole  property changing
  21. Edge clearances of the unit sheet
  22. Editing the automatic machining option
  23. Marking speed
  24. Defining cutting direction while doing automatic contour
  25. Adjusting of sheet remnant
  26. No cutting
  27. Change radius

Nukon Fiber Laser uses Lantek Expert Cut CAD/CAM with it’s own post processor.

For ease of cutting it has many features like auto nesting and machining, calculating the time, micro-joint, total-cut and more.

All data for cutting is installed in the technological Lantek charts. This program is designed for nesting and machining and is installed directly on the CNC, without any adjustment of the cutting parameters.

Lantek has some additional features – if it’s unable to cut a hole smaller than 0.019″ by the thickness of the material – it will be marked automatically.

Machine Model NF-PRO VENTO 315
Type Flying Optic Head
Cutting Head Auto-Focus Head Manual Focus Head
Sheet dimensions 5′ х 10′ / 60″ х 120″
Resonator (IPG) 2 kW 3 kW 4 kW 5 kW 6 kW
Laser Fiber Diameter .002″ .004″ .004″ .004″ .004″
Maximum Cutting Capacity Mild Steel .625″ .709″ .78″ .86″ .98″
Stinless Steel .236″ .394″ .47″ .59″ .78″
Aluminium .315″ .315″ .393″ .47″ .59″
Brass .118″ .197″ .236″ .314″ .394″
Copper .118″ .197″ .236″ .314″ .394″
Power Supply Consumption 20 kW 30 kW 40 kW 55 kW 65 kW
Working Table Height 35.5″
Maximum Loading Capacity 2200 lbs
Axis X-Axis 5′ / 60″
Y-Axis 10′ / 120″
Z-Axis 5.9″
Axis Movement 4 Axis Digital Motor System
Positioning System Rack and Pinion (Servo Motor) Linear
Acceleration Speeds (G) 1.5G 3G
Axis Speed 4,800 I.P.M 9,400 I.P.M
Additional Power Consumption 0 kWh 20 kWh
Positioning Accurasy ± .002″ ± .003″
Repeatability ± .0007″ ± .0004″
Z-Axis Distance Control No touch type, Z axis tracing type
Shuttle Table Change Time 45 sec
Illumination 4 Pices, Type: Fluorescent
Controller 19″ TFT Touch Screen, Ethernet Enabled
Assist Gas Choosing control 3 type of gases can be used
Pressure adjustment values: 7.25 – 87 PSI;
Provided pressure: 116 PSI
Machine Weight 34,171 lbs