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The Advantages Of Using A Metal Laser Cutter

Ever since its initial introduction, the concept of using a metal laser cutter has offered would be handymen (and women) with a much simpler method for going about a once difficult task. No matter what materials need to cut through, a metal laser cutter is able to simplify the task.

So what are the specific advantages of using a metal laser cutter? Let's take a closer look at the benefits that are involved with utilizing such a tool and find out more about how a metal laser cutter can assist you.

1. Cleaner Cutting

There is simply no match for the level of precision that a metal laser cutter can provide. The quality of the edging that takes place when you use a laser cutter for all of your metal related needs is also difficult to top with any other cutting implement. The laser beam should be seen as your basic cutting tool and since it allows for a much greater sense of focus, the cutting that takes place is much cleaner.

If you're in need of a cutting tool that allows for more detailed work and you would like to have the cleanest edges possible, you will want to use a laser cutter for any tasks such as these. Otherwise, you could be placing yourself in a position where you are forced to do a greater work in order to achieve the same objective. Laser cutting lets you work smarter, not harder.

2. Decreased Costs

When we hear about the concept of laser cutting, we tend to picture a highly expensive tool that will cost us a great deal of money. However, the costs that are associated with these cutting methods are actually much lower than you would expect and are easily attainable. Even those who possess a lower budget to work with are able to obtain the assistance that they need.

While a shear or a punch press is a more traditional method, these manufacturing methods come with much higher costs. There is no quote unquote "hard tooling" necessary and laser technology is far more affordable than many realize. It is one of the leanest manufacturing methods from a financial standpoint and those who wish to save money often utilize metal laser cutters as a result.

3. Reduction of Scrap

Most cutting tools cannot offer the type of precision that is truly necessary and this leads to the creation of a great deal of unwanted scrap metal. This scrap metal only serves to take up space and lead to unnecessary waste. That's why laser cutting needs to be utilized when slicing metal as often as possible, so this waste is able to be avoided as much as possible.

In many instances, metal laser cutting can be used on parts that share one singular cutting line. This allows the job to be completed on the first cut, which significantly reduces the amount of scrap that is created. There are a number of other ways to use this form of metal cutting to reduce the level of scrap metal that will result, whether you are utilizing nesting or lead ins.


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Top Reasons to Buy a Made-in-the-USA Steel Laser Cutting Machine:

1.It’s a simple yet well-established fact, no one manufactures quality machines like the US. While it’s certainly true that you can save money by purchasing a product made overseas, the results you obtain at the hands of the machine you buy should be the determining factor when you make your purchase. Nukon.US manufactures quality machines that are made in the US from durable materials and parts that ensure the machine you purchase will deliver world-class performance to your application- Nukon guarantees it!

2. If precision is a factor in owning a steel laser cutting machine, you’ll only get what you’re looking for out of a product that has been made in the US. It’s no big secret that more and more products are coming to the US from Asia. These products are designed and manufactured with one purpose in mind: save the manufacturer money. In order to do this, corners must be cut- a lot of them. Nukon.US would never think about cutting corners to impact their bottom line. In fact, their Research and Development team are on the constant lookout for newer and better ways to improve on their products and services for the single goal of ensuring you’re absolutely satisfied with the steel laser cutting machine you purchase.

3. Made-in-the-US means better production for your corporation- it’s just a fact. The high quality steel cutting laser machines from Nukon can help you make the most out of your steel production. It’s the unique combination of high machine dynamics, a machine operation that is intuitive, and advance automation that maximize on the productivity of your application and guarantee a flawless experience during operations. These inherent benefits are what you should look for when selecting a manufacturer.

4. USA-made products are geared toward safety- Nukon’s steel laser cutting machine is one that has been designed to offer safety first and foremost. Protective enclosed machines make even your most complicated cuts safe and simple to perform. If you’re looking for a steel laser cutting machine that is adaptable- look no further. Speak with an expert from Nukon about your application benefit from their expertise. They’ll ensure you purchase the right product for your needs.

5. If you’re looking for a positive impact on your bottom line- and who isn’t?- you’ll find Nukon’s machines are able to help you achieve your goals. Precision cutting is dependent upon quality. Feel free to spend some time on the Nukon’US website while determining your needs. You’ll find no other corporation has a product to match Nukon’s in quality and affordability.

Find out more about the Nukon promise by clicking the ‘About’ link at the top of any Nukon.US page. There, you’ll discover why so many of their clients are convinced they own the best steel laser cutting machine on the market today- you’ll be convinced as well. Nukon.US is USA strong and growing.

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3 Reasons Why You Need Metal Laser Cutters

Metal laser cutters used to be considered a tool of the future, but thanks to recent technological advances, they are now readily available in the present day. So what happens when you utilize metal laser cutters for all of your most important needs? And why should anyone purchase one if they have not already?

If you would like to learn more about the reasons why you need metal laser cutters to assist you with all of your most important tasks, please be sure to read on and learn more.

1. Customization Ability

When it comes to laser cutting, the true beauty of this method is the endless amounts of customization that it provides. For a business that is looking to make a name for themselves when it comes to cutting metal and fashioning it into detailed shapes, there is simply no substitute for the type of specificity that a metal laser cutter has to offer.

You're able to cut the holes necessary, no matter how large or small they may be and you're also able to provide yourself (or your client) with the type of edging that will allow you to avoid needlessly sharp corners. Thanks to metal laser cutters, any design that you can come up with inside of your mind is able to be brought to fruition and this is the primary reason why so many people are now relying on this particular implement.

2. Less Time Needed

While the concept of using a laser to slice metal might come across as being incredibly futuristic or difficult to implement, the reality of the matter is that laser cutting actually allows for such projects to be completed far more quickly than they would otherwise. Did you know that the set up times that are involved in the process of using a metal laser cutter to assist you are much shorter than most traditional methods?

This is due to the fact that there is no hard tooling involved in the process. The set up times are significant decreased and there is very little tool maintenance or change over required. All you need to do is load up the materials and program the machine, which cuts down on the amount of time needed and leads up into our final reason......

3. Cost Effectiveness

The process of using a laser cutter to slice metal does not require the same level of skill or preparation as more traditional methods, which allows for a much less costly process. The costs that were once baked into the cutting of metal, such as tool maintenance and the change over of said tools, have been removed almost completely.

In addition to saving sizable amounts of money on the process, you're also able to save a sizable amount of scrap metal, which allows for greater efficiency over the long haul. All of the old school cutting techniques that were overly expensive and prone to creating excessive amounts of waste have been replaced by more streamline approaches that allow for a far more sustainable process.


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