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Laser Cutting Machine For Metal

Improve Manufacturing Process With Laser Cutting Machine For Metal

Laser technology has enhanced manufacturing operations such as cutting, welding, engraving, and others. Lasers can cut metals and other industrial materials of different thickness to any desired shape. Many businesses prefer laser cutting to plasma, water jet and other cutting methods. This preference is due to its precision, adaptability, and speed. Besides, the laser cutting machine for metal uses less energy for materials such as aluminum and steel sheets.

The edge quality obtained with this technique is better than other methods. A laser cutter outlines a path with the laser which melts the metal. The machine simultaneously releases a gas which blows the molten metal away from the cut. Here are some of the benefits of using a laser cutting machine for metal.

1. Cutting Strength

A laser cutting machine can cut various metals with different thickness and tensile strength. This device can cut any material that is susceptible to melting.

2. Minimize Wasting of Work-piece

Laser cutting machine can cut metals without producing scrapings. It can slash a metal sheet with a single cut. However, it can create little scrap in some cases. This device also allows its operators to cut multiple sheets of metals at once. Such tasks are efficiently performed by nesting the materials. Using this method reduces waste of industrial materials.

3. Higher Quality Parts

Using a laser cutting machine for metal ensures great cuts. The cutter does not have direct contact with the work material. This property minimizes the contamination of the workpiece. Unlike other cutting methods, the heated area of a laser cutter is small, reducing the risk deforming the material. It also increases the efficiency and accuracy of tasks. Minimal Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) can make the cutting process faster and cost-effective.

Besides, the high accuracy of this device provides quality edges. With laser cutting, there is no need for secondary operations on the cuttings. The elimination of machining on jobs can save money for the manufacturers.

4. Lower Energy Consumption

Laser cutters use less energy for cutting metals of various thicknesses. Their low power requirement reduces the cost of the manufacturing process.

5. Safety

A laser cutter has features that can protect the operators from sustaining injuries while using the machine. The fiber laser can function during cutting without human interference. This part of the device should be enclosed in a tight light box. The occurrence of accidents is minimal as laser cutting machines do not require human intervention. However, the operator can inspect and only interfere when the machine needs repairs.

6. Time-saving

This procedure is faster than others due to the laser’s ability to change programs instantly. Besides, the device requires only a little time to set it up for jobs. As a result of its quick adaptability to changes in production sizes, it can perform smaller operations at reduced cost.

A laser cutting machine for metal is easy to maintain. Though some parts of a turret punch need sharpening, the replaceable ones like nozzles and lenses are inexpensive. Its ability to change parts makes the cutting process flexible. The manufacturer can enhance the precision levels of metal cutting by controlling the laser cutter with computer programs.


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