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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Providing Industrial Solutions With A Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Since the introduction of laser cutting to industries, CO2 lasers have dominated manufacturing process. Fiber laser cutting machine has gradually taken over the market due to its higher performance. A fiber laser machine can complete the same job faster than a CO2 laser with higher power rating. Besides, it consumes less energy and has minimal environmental impact. This laser machine possesses smaller chiller and laser source. Due to its simplicity, it has no mirrors and has eliminated the appearance of laser gas lines.

A fiber laser cutter concentrates the power of the laser beam on the surface of the work material. The workpiece absorbs energy from the laser source which is converted to heat that melts the material. The introduction of gas into the cutting area blows molten metal away from the path. Depending on the power output, fiber lasers can cut metal sheets of various thicknesses. They have the ability to cut 12mm thick stainless steel.

The high-quality beam of a fiber laser cutter allows operators to cut, mark or engrave different metallic materials. This machine finds application in operations that demand high-precision. Besides cutting of metals and non-metallic materials, fiber laser cutting machine is used in metal sheet profiling. It is also useful for marking ID plaques, serial number plates, and other components for traceability.

Fiber lasers

The greater efficiency and performance of a fiber laser cutter depends on its laser beam. The laser light created in diodes reaches the cutting surface through the optical fiber at the focusing head of the machine. The collision of molecules within the optical fiber eliminates the need for laser gas. Consequently, the energy requirement is reduced and it generates less heat than other cutting devices.

Benefits of fiber laser cutter

The fiber laser cutting machine has many advantages over other cutting devices. They include:

    Increased productivity: The fiber laser cutter ensures greater revenue due to its lower operational costs. This device possesses features that enhance its performance. The short processing period of fiber laser machine contributes to its improved productivity. Less energy consumption: As a result of its higher efficiency, this machine reduces energy bill. More reliable: The design of the fiber laser cutter assures the accuracy of manufacturing operations. The device is ideal for high precision processes. Faster processing time: The fiber laser device completes tasks faster than other cutting devices. The ease and speed of loading new sheets and unloading cut portions lower the processing time. The presence of a feature that removes scraps without interfering with the cutting process also saves time. Low environmental impact: Many fiber laser cutters have systems that remove dust particles and harmful fumes from the environment. This measure keeps the operators safe and improves the quality of air in the working area. Low maintenance cost: This cutting machine does not require replacement of mirrors or lamps. Besides, the device may not require hydraulic oils.

As a result of its efficiency and speed in performing tasks, the fiber laser cutter is useful in medicine, aviation, automotive, general manufacturing, and marine engineering. Besides, its laser is less expensive to use, making it a cost-effective option for manufacturing processes.


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