Features of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

When you’re in the market for new machinery for your manufacturing operation, you want to ensure that you’re getting the very best pieces for your investment. Knowing the applications and features of these machines before purchasing can be a big benefit. Here are just some of the reasons why so many manufacturers prefer to add a fiber laser cutting machine to their factory floors – and why you might want to do the same:

Maintenance is Low

One of the biggest benefits of owning and using a fiber laser cutter is that they are extremely low maintenance. For companies that already own many machines, this can be very advantageous. You’ll spend less time worrying about maintenance and more time using your cutter to create the pieces and parts you need.

Another advantage of these machines that is directly related to their low maintenance needs is their low cost of ongoing ownership. With fewer maintenance calls and costly repairs – and fewer expensive accessories to purchase to keep your machine running properly – you’ll realize major savings over time. For business owners, this is just one more reason laser cutters are a perfect choice.

Exceedingly Efficient

Another big benefit of choosing a fiber laser cutter is their efficiency. In many areas of the cutting process, these models are among the most efficient available on the modern market. Some of the ways these machines maximize efficiency include:

  • Greater wall-plug efficiency than other models in the industry
  • Higher photon conversion efficiency
  • More efficient beam delivery, making for better finished products and less wasted energy

Smaller Footprints

Today’s fiber laser cutters are the smallest they’ve ever been. These machines are excellent for installing in a factory or workshop setting where space is limited. They are just as efficient and productive as larger machines designed for cutting and stamping but taken up far less room and are easier to install and set up. Many manufacturers who rely on these machines describe their installation as “plug and play”, meaning they’re virtually ready to use right out of the box. This makes them a great selection for companies that are just getting started or looking for a quick boost to productivity.


There is a sad misconception that laser cutters are limited in their function and application to heavy manufacturing processes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While there are certainly many applications in the field of heavy manufacturing at which these machines excel, they are also excellent additions to many other industries. Their ability to work with reflective materials means they have virtually no limitations, other than matching the size of the machine and products being processed.

Some of the unexpected ways they can be used include:

  • Jewelry manufacture and design
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Medical device manufacturing, and much more

The versatility of these machines is truly astounding. Almost anything you’ve held, used, or seen at work that needed to be cut or stamped out during its creation could have been created using a fiber laser cutter.

For more information on how a fiber laser cutting machine might be the perfect addition to your facility, contact the experts at Nukon USA. We have the industry knowledge and experience to help you make a great selection and put your machine to work right away.